Hi there!

I know, it is 2013 and a personal webpage is not the latest thing to have anymore. Facebook and linkedin have developed new ways to get in touch with people. I have had a personal webpage since 1997, so I'll just keep it in addition to all the web 2.0 stuff for sentimental reasons I guess. Also, email is still kicking about even though facebook and txt messaging are so much easier to use. Have a look around and see for yourself what the value of this page is.

In case you would like to contact me, just use the following details:

eMail and skype
skype: stefangassner

+61 406 263 419
+49 1523 793 4877

Address in Australia (this is were I currently live)
Unit 30 / 90 Cambridge St.
Stanmore, NSW 2048

Address in Germany
Liptinger Str. 6
78576 Emmingen-Liptingen

Dr. Stefan Gassner

Dr. Stefan Gassner